After the reprehensible display of bigotry, hatred, and violence by the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville Virginia in August 2017, I was really shaken and unsure of what to do. Beside dragging the horrendous underbelly of America out of the shadows, this disgusting collection of reprobates were espousing the extinction of people extremely important to me (namely my wife, my best friend, many relatives, and nearly all of my neighbors) while carrying torches through the streets like a medieval mob. Then I came across this on Twitter:

If you are wondering what you would have done if you were alive during the Holocaust or Civil Rights movement—what you are doing now. That's what you would have done.

That snapped something inside me and I immediately went looking for a way to do something, anything. Standing by and inaction were not an option, and while there's an appeal to actually going out looking for neo-nazi's to punch in the face it doesn't actually do much to stop them (although by all means don't let that stop you if the opportunity presents itself). Reflecting on the fact that I'm not exactly Scrooge McDuck, after some thought I came up with Operation: Nazi Smasher as a way to raise the maximum amount of money for people much better suited to making a definite positive difference. After posting about this charity project (all proceeds from this book will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center and other anti-hate organizations) in a matter of minutes dozens of fantastic people jumped up and volunteered to help, and we all collectively got to work.

At the time of this writing, we've been at it for less than a month and I'm proud to tell you there's a fully-illustrated and mapped 20,000 word nazi-smashing Pathfinder adventure working its way through the production process. Please consider getting a PDF or print copy of Operation: Nazi Smasher after it releases and help us in the fight against prejudice and hatred.

Thank you,

--Mike Myler


With the end of the war near and news of Hitler's death spreading around the world, the last holdouts of Nazi High Command have resorted to their most desperate measures, none more dangerous or far-reaching as their despicable efforts in Verzweifer Castle. Within its ancient stone walls are loyal agents learning advanced techniques in brainwashing, propaganda, and subversion, but worse yet awaits beneath the fortress. Utilizing occult magic and mad science, they have broken the veil of death to animate new unyielding soldiers, peer into the future, and—if not stopped—possibly alter events yet to pass decades or centuries beyond the war.

The PCs are all members of Task Force V, one of the teams of alter sapiens utilized by the Allied Forces. They are the spearhead of an emergency military assault on Verzweifer Castle, hastened by messages from spies that whatever its master, Baroness von Helena Kriegstalhz, has planned, it will happen imminently and have dire consequences. Storming in behind the party will be armor and infantry, soldiers that will secure the area and deal with any enemy troops in fortified positions or hiding for an ambushing counterstrike. In order to remain as stealthy as possible however, the bulk of the PCs' reinforcements are too far behind to interfere with combat and only serve to ensure they aren't flanked.


Check out world-record holding professional RPG group Order of the Amber Die's presentation of the first full playthrough of Operation: Nazi Smasher. On September 30th, 2017 the Order played the entirety of Nazi Smasher in one 18-hour Marathon session. Throughout the day they released images and updates of their dramatic playthrough on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All of the final images will be available soon here on OperationNaziSmasher.com along with some tips and ideas from the Order on how GMs can enhance their Nazi Smasher experience. Make sure you check back for updates!

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All proceeds from sales will be donated to the Sothern Poverty Law Center and other anti-hate groups. Both hard copy and digital PDF versions of the module are now available along with a Roll20 version to boot! Click on the shopping cart to purchase your copy and help us fight hate and discrimination!

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Steve Caron, Scott Gladstein,
Joshua Hennington, Mike Myler,
Rory Toma

Darryl Mott, Chance Phillips,
John Rudeboy

Jefferson Thacker (Perram)

Module Cover Artist
Claudio Pozas

Interior Artists
Nathanael Batchelor, Indi Martin,
Pedro Mendes,
Mike Myler, Dan Nokes, Sara Shijo

Mike Myler

Order of the Amber Die
Hypercorps 2099

Web Design
Sterling Brunsvold
Order of the Amber Die

Web Coding
Jody Gerst
Order of the Amber Die

Order of the Amber Die


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